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KJV Bible Linked

This KJV Bible is a plain and simple to read and navigate Pure Cambridge Edition of the King James Bible (1611) with over 190,000 cross reference links.

This edition provides a quick an easy to use three step navigation to any passage from the first page of the Bible (the Table of Contents). Also, while reading a passage, we have provided the ability to jump to any book, chapter or verse by simply tapping on the different parts of the references in each verse:

  • To navigate to a different book, tap on the book abbreviation.
  • To navigate to a different chapter of the current book, tap on the chapter.
  • To navigate to a different verse of the current chapter, tap on the verse.

Cross references are displayed at the end of almost every verse in the Bible, providing you the ability to study all verses throughout the Bible relating to a theme. Studying the Bible this way is not only deep and meaningful but can be very engaging and entertaining!

For ideal viewing of this eBook, please make sure that the first page (the Table of Contents) fits completely within the page view. This can be achieved by changing the reading settings.

This edition also contains the following helpful extras:

  • Abbreviations - List of abbreviations used for book names.
  • Books - In alphabetical order (with links).
  • Emergency - Handy Bible references to life emergencies (with links).
  • Scripture - For every moment (50 topical studies with links).
  • Stories - Famous Bible stories (with links).
  • Words - Dictionary of archaic words (with links).

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We hope and pray that you enjoy and are blessed by using this easy to use cross referenced KJV Bible.